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Instructions for Article Preparation for International Journal of Environmental Studies and Academic Research, Extension and Development as a publishing agency dedicated to promoting high-quality research, we would like to provide you with detailed instructions for preparing an article for submission to International Journal of Agricultural Research, Extension and Development. These guidelines will help ensure that your manuscript aligns with the journal's requirements and facilitates a smooth publication process.

1. Formatting and Structure:

  • Please ensure that your article is written in clear and concise English and follows the guidelines of International Journal of Agricultural Research, Extension and Development.
  • Use a standard font (e.g., Times New Roman, Arial) and font size (12 pt) for the entire document.
  • Structure your article with the following sections: Title, Authors Name with their Affiliation, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, and References.
  • Include clear and informative headings within each section to enhance readability.

2. Title and Abstract:

  • Your title should accurately reflect the content of your writing. Avoid sensationalizing or misleading titles that don't accurately represent what the reader will find inside.
  • Abstracts are typically short, ranging from a few sentences to a few hundred words, depending on the requirements of the publication or format. Generally, academic abstracts are around 150-250 words.

3. Introduction:

  • Clearly state the purpose and objectives of your research.
  • Clearly state the main topic or subject of your work. This should be done in a concise and straightforward manner, providing the reader with a clear understanding of what the piece is about.

4. Methods:

  • Describe your research design, data collection procedures, and any statistical methods employed.
  • Include sufficient details to allow for replication of your study.

5. Results:

  • Present your findings in a logical and organized manner.
  • Use tables, figures, or graphs when appropriate to enhance clarity.

6. Discussion:

  • Interpret your results and relate them to previous research.
  • Discuss the implications and significance of your findings.
  • Identify any limitations of your study and suggest avenues for future research.

7. Conclusion:

  • Summarize the main findings of your study concisely.
  • Clearly state the implications of your research and its contributions to the field.

8. References:

  • Cite all sources accurately and include a complete reference list.
  • Follow the preferred citation style Panda BB, Gaur K, Kori ML, Tyagi LK, Nema RK, Sharma CS et al. Anti-Inflammatory and analgesic activity of Jatropha gossypifolia in experimental animal models. Global Journal of Pharmacology 2009; 3(1):1-5.

9. Ethical Considerations:

  • Ensure that your research complies with ethical guidelines and regulations.
  • If applicable, include any necessary ethical approval statements or consent information.

Please note that these instructions are general guidelines, and we strongly recommend consulting the specific author guidelines provided by International Journal of Agricultural Research, Extension and Development. Additionally, carefully proofread your manuscript for grammar, spelling, and formatting errors before submission.

Article Submission Process

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